Wednesday, December 6, 2023


1. Easter Island

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Easter Island, located off the coast of Chile, doesn’t have any legends about individuals going missing or practising black magic. However, it is the location of these evil warrior sculptures, some of which are as tall as 50 feet. Who carved them and how they arrived to this island is the true mystery. What enigmatic power do you suppose caused them to appear? The only option, I suppose, is to go question one of the 200 indigenous people who live on the island. But given that we know so little about their origins, I’m betting that trying to communicate with them won’t be very successful.

2. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

This cabin is an anomaly unlike any other and is well-known for its numerous optical tricks. Many visitors have attempted to tap into their wildest physicist to understand why the cabin, which appears to be on flat, level ground, will send you toppling over in all directions. Simply put, one cannot stand upright. What do you think?

3. Bermuda Triangle

There aren’t even any pictures of this region of the planet since it is so mysterious (or big!) Over the years, numerous ships and aeroplanes have vanished in this enormous water triangle off the coast of Florida. Seems suspicious to me… possibly oceanic Sirens like in The Odyssey? The region’s tragic past has been explained by stories ranging from natural calamities to conspiracy theories to abductions.

4. Atlantis

Again, everything is so obscure that all we have is a map. A landmass between Africa and America is plainly seen on the map of the planet before the continents chose to play musical chairs with the globe. Nobody is certain what caused the island to go under the waves, catch fire spontaneously, or decide to join forces with another continent in a struggle for space on Earth. Let’s continue our quest, shall we?

5. The Brown Mountain Lights

The Brown Mountain Will-o’-the-wisp lights are one in a long line of ghost lights that have emerged in the USA and throughout the globe. They sporadically appear and vanish. They appear to emerge and vanish whenever it is convenient, like big strobe lights in the sky. I’ll hazard a guess that Harry Potter or another wizard is playing pranks on our less magical human minds until we figure out exactly when they occur.

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