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7 Arthritis And Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

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It is generally accepted that food significantly affects your lifetime risk of developing cancer. Yet, recent studies suggest that it can potentially contribute to the development of arthritis. Although it has frequently been connected to wear and tear, the underlying cause of this painful joint problem is still not entirely known. Obese people and those with physically demanding jobs appeared to be at higher risk.

However, it now appears that the development of arthritis may be triggered by the balance of bacteria in your gut, which is directly impacted by your food. In turn, arthritis sufferers’ reduced levels of exercise and persistent inflammation can promote the growth of cancer.

Researchers found that obese mice tended to have more pathogenic bacteria in their stomachs than lean mice in rodent trials. The germs were directly responsible for the ongoing inflammation and deteriorating joints. The joint deterioration was stopped and frequently reversed when the gut microbiome was changed to a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria.

The “cheeseburger and milkshake” diet, which is heavy in fat, is thought by researchers to be the cause. While further human studies are required, avoiding the next 7 foods will lessen your risk of developing cancer and the discomfort associated with arthritis in the meantime. We’ll reveal a supplement at the end that could further balance your gut biome when combined with a nutritious diet.

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