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A Comprehensive Guide to Monsoon Vehicle Care: The Dos and Don’ts

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Both drivers and their cars may have a difficult time during the monsoon season. In this manual, we’ll go into great depth on how to maintain your car during the monsoon, increase visibility, drive safely in torrential downpours, and prepare your car for this difficult time of year.

Monsoon Maintenance Tips for Your Car’s Windshield Wiper

1. Clean Your Windshield Often: Your windscreen may accumulate filth and mud from the rainy weather during the monsoon. Regular cleaning helps to increase visibility and makes sure your wipers are working properly.

2. Never Run Your Wiper on a Dry Windshield: Running your wipers on a dry windscreen is vital to avoid as it might result in needless wear and strain and possibly harm the rubber blades.

3. Clean Your Wiper Blades Often: Keep your wiper blades clean to avoid them spreading filth over the glass and impairing sight, just like you would your windscreen.

5. Change Your Blades Regularly: Wiper blades are not intended to endure indefinitely. Change your blades often to preserve peak performance, especially before the monsoon season starts.

Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Visibility During Monsoons

Inspect Your Car’s Windshield Wipers Regularly: Regular checks can help find wiper problems early on and prevent poor vision in the weather.

Defogging Windows is Important: To maintain clear windows and a clear view of the road, use the defogging system on the automobile.

Turn on the Headlights: It’s a fantastic idea to turn on your headlights when it’s raining or foggy to make yourself more visible to other cars.

Slow Down Your Speed: Roads after rain might be hazardous. To keep your car under control, slow down.

Tips to Drive Safely in Heavy Rains

Driving in Low Visibility: Consider stopping until it stops raining if it is too intense. Always keep a safe gap between you and the car in front of you.

Driving in High Winds: High winds may make your car unsteady and make it difficult to manage. Keep your eyes open and your hands firmly on the wheel.

Driving on Slippery Roads: Slow down and steer clear of abrupt curves. If your car starts to skid, steer in that direction and don’t stomp on the brakes.

Keep this guide handy as you navigate through the monsoon season. Safe and mindful driving, along with proper vehicle care, can help you weather any storm!

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