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Are You Nursing A Baby? 5 Ingredients In Skin Care You Must Avoid Using While Nursing

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Your infant should not be exposed to any of the chemicals included in skin care products.

In addition to altering your body, giving birth also affects your skin. You may get acne and pimples as a result of the hormonal changes and be confused about how to care for your skin while nursing your child. But mothers should be aware of what products to use and which ones to avoid as they care for their skin while nursing. Some skin care products include chemicals that might seriously impair the health of your infant.

Ingredients in Skin Care You Can’t Use If You’re Breastfeeding

Are you nursing a baby? Here are 5 substances you must never expose your child to.


Many skin care products include formaldehyde, which is often not harmful to the skin. However, a woman who has recently given birth shouldn’t use products that contain formaldehyde. According to experts, nursing mothers should avoid this substance. Toxic formaldehyde has been related to cancer and respiratory issues.


Parabens are additional preservatives or active ingredients in certain cosmetics and hair care products. Cancer is also connected to it. Experts strongly advise nursing mothers to avoid it. It is very unsafe to take that chance with newborn newborns, even when experts advise that the level of toxin in parabens is modest.


Although retinol-based skincare products are now popular, your doctor may first ask you whether you’re expecting or nursing before suggesting this component. That’s because it’s known that this poison causes birth abnormalities. Why take the chance when the consequences it can pass on to a nursing infant are yet unknown?

Acid Salicylate

Salicylic acid is a widely popular element in skin care products and is also included in many medications. It is typically present in goods that reduce psoriasis flare-ups. However, using salicylic acid-containing medications while nursing might result in Reye’s syndrome in the infants. Babies with this condition suffer liver damage. It can affect the liver of infants if moms ingest it in any way.

Spa Services

Today, a variety of chemical-based spa treatments are accessible. While it’s nice to treat yourself to a spa day, you must be sure the products are safe and do not include any toxins that might be passed on to your nursing infant.

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