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Are You Trying to Lose Weight? In times of need, lemongrass may be your ally.

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Lemongrass is a plant that acts as a natural cure for a variety of health concerns, from aiding in weight loss to easing PMS symptoms.

The leaves of lemongrass or citronella are tall and thinly green. This herb is a staple in Thai and Chinese cooking and is native to South-east Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, and other nations. However, due to its crisp, citrus flavor, it is also utilized in aromatherapy and for insect repulsion. Numerous therapeutic benefits are provided by lemongrass. This herb does everything for you, from assisting with weight reduction to reducing discomfort. Use apple lemongrass oil topically, use it in your dishes, or drink it with your tea.

supports weight loss Lemongrass makes you want to urinate a lot since it is a natural diuretic. This aids in weight loss by getting rid of toxins from your body. Because 4% of weight loss is made up of fats, this procedure encourages weight reduction. Additionally, adding lemongrass to your tea helps speed up your metabolism. Lemongrass tea can take the place of your sugary drinks. Your weight loss ambitions will undoubtedly be fueled by it. Don’t consume too much of this beverage, though. Replace it with water and other unsweetened beverages as needed.

Minimizes inflammation

Numerous illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, indigestion, coughing, and colds, among others, are caused by inflammation. Studies claim that lemongrass contains ingredients like citral and geraniol that have anti-inflammatory properties. Damaged connective tissue can also be repaired with a few drops of lemongrass oil.

Prevents bacteria

Lemongrass possesses antibacterial qualities. The oil extract from this plant has been shown in a US research published in the National Institutes of Health to be effective against the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. Your teeth might be harmed by this bacterium. Lemongrass oil can thus help you fight infections and cavities in your mouth. Other research has shown that the combination of silver ions and lemongrass oil may kill a wide range of bacteria and fungus.

Reduces stress

Citral is an active ingredient in lemongrass, as was already explained. According to several research, it functions as a natural cure for problems with anxiety and sadness. Another element that contributes to lower stress levels is the fresh citrus scent, which improves sleep.

Lowers the chance of developing cancer

Oncologists occasionally recommend consuming lemongrass tea in addition to chemotherapy and radiation. This is due to the fact that citral is thought to have anti-cancer effects. Either it directly destroys cancer-causing cells or it strengthens the immune system so that it can successfully combat those cells on its own.

Reduces the symptoms of PMS

Lemongrass tea can be used as a home cure for PMS symptoms such period cramps, bloating, and hot flashes because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Bonus: according to a research published in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology, it also has a cooling impact on your body.

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