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Beware! The following 6 Foods Might Cause Heartburn.

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Avoid these six foods since they might cause heartburn and make digestion difficult.

Heartburn occurs when food takes too long to digest, and your diet will undoubtedly affect this. Certain foods can cause heartburn, and if you eat them in excess, you run the risk of developing a chronic acidity or heartburn issue. In addition to lower back discomfort and a foul taste in your mouth, heartburn can also cause additional symptoms. Here are 5 foods that typically cause heartburn, so if you have digestive problems, stay away from them.

Black Pepper

Pepper, another spicy food, contains capsaicin. It is well known that capsaicin slows down the body’s natural metabolic rate. Food stays in the stomach for a longer period of time as a result, increasing the likelihood of acid reflux or heartburn.


Although it may have many benefits, particularly for the heart, chocolate is also one of the foods that might cause indigestion and heartburn. According to doctors, many people report experiencing acid reflux after eating chocolate. Cacao is one of the elements used to make chocolate, which explains why it gives people heartburn.

Tangerine Fruits

Heartburn can also be caused by citrus fruits. Although the specific mechanism is unclear, it is advised to avoid orange and grapefruit liquids, especially when you are hungry.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is hard to digest, and it can give you heartburn if you let it sit in your stomach for too long.


Heartburn can also be brought on by excessive coffee or other caffeinated beverage use. Additionally, this beverage causes the muscles that control the lower esophageal sphincter to relax, which results in an excessive release of stomach acids.


First off, drinking sodas regularly is not at all a healthy eating decision. Second, these beverages may increase the amount of acid in the stomach, which may result in heartburn.

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