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BH Number Plate: Bharat Series Number Plate Benefits & How to Apply [2023 Guide]

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The trouble of re-registering your vehicle in a new state or city is common when moving to India.

The Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways (MoRTH) has, however, put out a remedy to speed up this procedure.

In order to make automobile registration simpler for those who regularly migrate for job, the Bharat Series number plates, popularly known as BH number plates, were introduced in 2021.

The advantages and characteristics of BH number plates, the requirements for getting them, and the application procedure will all be covered in this article.

Eligibility for BH Series Number Plates

The BH licence plate is particularly meant for certain demographics of people. Here are the requirements for obtaining a BH licence plate.

  • Employees of the State and Central Government
  • Defence industry employees
  • bank personnel
  • Employees in administrative services
  • workers of private companies having locations throughout more than four states or union territories

Features of BH Series Number Plates

The BH registration number plates have the following properties.

  • Only applies to non-transportation vehicles.
  • reduces the necessity of registering the car again when moving to a different state.
  • reduces the time, work, and paperwork needed for the re-registration procedure.
  • Valid across the nation.
  • With a white backdrop and black lettering, the number plate style is similar to a regular number plate but uses a distinctive format for the licence number.

BH Number Plate Format

The Year of Registration (YY), followed by BH (Bharat series), a 4-digit registration number, and XX, which denotes the vehicle type, make up the BH series registration number.

As an illustration, the format is “22BH 9999AA”.

Road Tax for BH Series Vehicles

The road tax is assessed for two years or multiples of two (four, six, and eight years) for private vehicles with BH series licence plates.

Online payments are accepted for the road tax, which is valid for 14 years. An annual payment is required after 14 years.

With reduced rates for electric cars, the tax percentage is determined by the vehicle’s invoice price.

Cost of the BH Series Number Plate

Here is the price breakdown for the BH number plate.

Please be aware that diesel cars will be subject to a 2% surcharge, whereas electric vehicles will pay a 2% lower tax.

The road tax for private vehicles with the BH licence plate will be assessed every two years or in multiples of two (4, 6, and 8).

Advantages of the BH Number Plate

Simplified Vehicle Registration: The ease of automobile registration is the BH number plate’s main benefit. Vehicle owners can avoid the inconvenience of re-registering their cars while moving to a new state or location, especially those who regularly migrate for business. This reduces paperwork, effort, and time.

Nationwide Validity: The BH licence plate is accepted all around the nation. Vehicle owners are not required to get extra licences or re-register their cars in order to drive their registered vehicles in any state or union territory.

Cost Savings: Vehicle owners can save money by forgoing the necessity for re-registration and the accompanying charges. Re-registration frequently entails costs for fees, taxes, and documents, all of which may add up quickly. All of these costs are decreased or eliminated with the BH licence plate.

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