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Even minimalists Will Love These 5 Diwali Nail Colours

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In search of the ideal nail polish colour to glam up your appearance this Diwali? Here are 5 festive colours for you to select from.

Festival season is here and in a big way. You can know it is Diwali by the crowded streets, the sparkling lights blazing brightly beneath the blue sky, and the inevitable smile on everyone’s face. Everyone is occupied with preparations for the celebrations. While paying attention to the small things is equally crucial, everything is still significant. Yes, as the title says, we are discussing your nails. To finish your style, choose the appropriate nail polish hue is crucial.

Just as significant as your hairstyle are your nails. They require some TLC as well. Even if you have the perfect hairdo and dress, if your nails are chipped or otherwise unattractive you won’t look your best. Here are a few nail lacquers you may choose from this holiday season to step up your appearance.

Lacquer For Diwali Nails


The official colour of the year is blue! Yes, “classic blue” has been chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020. What are you still holding out for? Grab some blue paint to give your clothing a lively feel. Choose a glittery lacquer to up the drama throughout the holiday season.

Silvery Gold

Nobody can dispute how quickly gold can boost your appearance. Metallic gold is an option if you feel that regular gold is too mainstream for you. You may choose from a variety of gold hues, including liquid gold, mirror chrome gold, matte gold, and more.


We adore a variety of attention-grabbing, moodier nail paints! For someone who wants to glam up their appearance without being too noticeable, champagne is a nice hue. It not only makes your skin seem bold, but it also looks lovely.

Colourful Glitter

It is the ideal choice for Diwali because it has a range of colours. It will provide you all the glitz you need for the holiday season. Avoid going overboard, though, since it may turn your nails like glittering disco balls. Try combining several colours of delicate nail polish.


A vivid yellow tint like a genuine bottle of sunlight. If you’re going to a Diwali celebration, this is the ideal statement hue to wear. This colour is perfect for you if you enjoy being bright and colourful!

How Do I Pick the Correct Shade?

You can wear whatever hue you choose, however depending on your skin tone, certain colours can look better on you than others.

Floral and vibrant colours would be ideal for those with deep skin tones. They also never lose their appeal. A range of nail polish colours might look well on those with olive to medium complexion tones. For a party-ready appearance this season, choose a pastel hue or a shimmering tone. People with fair skin should choose something airy and light. Gold is another excellent option for you.

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