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Five Guidelines To Prevent Painful Mosquito Bites

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Follow These 4 Steps To Prevent Serious Mosquito Bites

The showers provide us a much-needed relief from the oppressive heat, but at the expense of the insect threat. The monsoon season is when mosquito breeding is most active. Despite the fact that the majority of mosquito bites are innocuous, some can have catastrophic consequences. These biting insects may spread a number of illnesses and sting us a great deal. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), malaria is one of the main causes of the more than one million annual deaths attributed to mosquito bites.


Mosquitoes may carry a number of diseases, however where you live mostly determines your risk of getting sick from one. When it comes to feeding, female mosquitoes prefer some types of humans over others. As a result, mosquitoes may transmit and spread a number of harmful illnesses, like as

Malaria: Symptoms of the illness include nausea, fever, and headache. If not treated right away, malaria can be potentially fatal.

Zika virus: The symptoms range from slight fever, joint discomfort, and muscle aches to rash. The virus, however, cannot be prevented by a vaccination at this time.

Chikungunya: It can cause headaches, a high temperature, and soreness in the muscles and joints.

Gives 5 Advice On How To Prevent Painful Mosquito Bites

Clear Any Lingering Water

Mosquitoes have the ideal habitat to reproduce in standing water. You may prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes by making your environment less enticing to them. This is simply performed by remembering to empty any empty buckets, glasses, mugs, cups, or other vessels of any liquid before leaving them outside.

Skip Various Hours Of The Day.

Mosquitoes thrive during these months since it is cooler and less breezy outside. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting bitten, it is a great idea to schedule any activities you may have around the times of day when mosquitoes are less active.

Wear Translucent Hues.

Being protected from mosquito bites by wearing light-colored clothing is highly recommended. Mosquito bites can be avoided by wearing clothing in neutral or pastel colours.

Put On Acceptable Attire.

Any region of exposed skin will attract a mosquito bite. As a result, wearing long sleeves is advised to prevent mosquito bites.

Maintain Airflow

Since mosquitoes can’t fly very far, air movement can successfully keep them at away and discourage them from flying close by.

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