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Hypogalactia’s Stanya Kshaya: Herbs to Boost Breast Milk Production

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There are several causes of insufficient breast milk production, or stanyakshaya as it is known in Ayurveda. Continue reading to learn the causes and how to increase your ability to produce breast milk.

From the moment of conception until the day of birth, a woman experiences many physical, psychological, and emotional changes. Breastfeeding is recognised as the healthiest method of nourishment for infants and is regarded as the finest meal for newborns. The value of nursing is eloquently and beautifully explained in Ayurvedic literature as well. Through the placenta, the baby is fed by the mother during the foetal stage. The newborn starts getting nourishment from the mother through breast milk a short time after delivery. The purpose of breastfeeding is to create a happy, loving bond with and comfort for the new body.

However, it has been often observed that most new moms face inadequate milk production to breastfeed their infant due to changes in lifestyle and poor eating habits. It is referred to as “Stanya Kshaya” or “Nasha” in Ayurvedic terminology. It is very remarkable that despite having a significant impact on both the mother and child’s health, these topics are rarely brought up in conversation.

What Causes Stanyakshaya?

Stanyakshaya, according to Ayurveda, is brought on by either Rasadhatu kshaya (nutritional deficit) or Agnidushti (digestional system impairment). Avatsalyatwa (loss of affection towards kid), Bhaya (fear), Krodha (anger), Shoka (sadness), Apathya aahara (unhealthy eating habits), and Avatsalyatwa (fear) are other psychological illnesses variables that contribute to it.

The primary side effect of stanyakshaya is lactational insufficiency. Stanya kshaya (hypogalactia) and stanyanasa (agalactia) are fairly prevalent issues nowadays, particularly with first-time moms. Together with their Nidana, Lakshana, and Chikitsa, as well as Stanyajanana, Stanyavardhaka Dravyas, Stanya Vardhaka Pathia, Aahara, and Vihaara, these two states are detailed in Ayurveda Samhitas.

How To Boost The Supply Of Breast Milk

The following herbs can be used to stanya vriddhi (increase milk production):

Since it is the main source of nourishment and food for newborns, the Stanya is Jivana Amsha. Stanya kshaya can cause nutritional deficiencies and have an impact on the infant’s general growth and development. Stanya Janana and Stanya Vardhaka Dravyas can handle it safely and successfully.

Additionally, these dravyas (medicines) can be utilised by breastfeeding women in good health to increase milk production and rebuild physical strength, particularly during Sutika avastha (Puerperal phase).

Dr. Jeuti Rani Das, a research officer at the Central Ayurveda Research Institute in Guwahati, is the author of the article.

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