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Even though people frequently laugh at ghost stories, there have been certain cases that defy common sense. According to reports, some people have had strange encounters and have lived to tell about it.

In reality, there are many examples of people getting into car accidents for strange reasons. Nobody can explain what happens on several national roadways, which are even thought to be haunted in the past.

Here is what urban legends have to say about these roadways if you are curious.

Road from Delhi to Jaipur

The Bhangarh Fort, which is regarded as one of India’s most haunted locations, is thought to be the cause of the haunting of the Delhi-Jaipur route. On this route, people have reported terrifying, illogically unjustifiable things happening to them.

East Coast Road, 2-Lane, Chennai to Pondicherry

The 2-Lane East Coast Road, which connects Chennai and Pondicherry, is said to be, to put it mildly, unsettling and accident-prone. According to reports, a woman wearing a white saree suddenly appears in the middle of the road and is spotted by drivers. The incidence of incidents on this route dramatically increases as a result of drivers losing control of the steering wheel.

in Tamil Nadu, NH 209

Do you recall the renowned dacoit Veerappan, who was known for kidnapping, smuggling, and killing people? You can tell the road is haunted if you drive down NH 209, which runs through the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary. People have reported hearing hysterical laughing and even seen floating lights in the dark along this stretch of road, which is thought to be haunted by the ghost of Veerappan. People believe that the highway is still the dacoit’s haunt, and he still roams the road he once called home.

the Mumbai-Goa Highway’s Kashedi Ghat

Not just Kashedi Ghat, but the entire highway is thought to be haunted, making it one of India’s most haunted roads. There have been reports of victims saying that an unidentified force scraped their face, neck, and back. Additionally, victims have reported that their automobile unexpectedly stopped in the middle of the highway, and their non-vegetarian meals vanished!

Jammu-Srinagar Highway, Khooni Nala

According to sources, there have been a number of strange incidents here, which is why the locals have begun calling this roadway Khooni Nala. There are rumors that a woman who committed herself here while expecting a child now haunts the area with a child in tow. This spirit is thought to be behind the distraction of drivers that results in automobile accidents in the gorge.

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