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New DNA-Based Test For Personalised Skin And Hair Care By BeautyMap

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You may now receive a customised skincare routine based on your DNA. Launch of the BeautyMap exam in India.

Choosing the finest products and knowing what works best for a person’s skin and hair depends in part on that person’s particular genetic makeup. It is now simpler to obtain a DNA test for customised skin and hair care.

A groundbreaking DNA-based test called BeautyMap has been introduced by MapMyGenome, a pioneer in preventative genomics, that offers customised recommendations for skin and hair care products based on each person’s particular genetic profile.

The business claims that the DNA test may identify genetic predispositions to 40 disorders connected to skin and hair care, such as acne, hair loss, UV damage, dehydration, sleep patterns, and vitamin levels.

CEO of Mapmygenome Anu Acharya describes their BeautyMap as “a game-changer in the beauty industry.” It helps you choose the best products by providing a more individualised and scientific approach to skin and hair care.

You Simply Need To Submit A Sample Of Saliva For BeautyMap.

It is a quick and painless test that just needs a sample of saliva. MapMyGenome is sending the test kit right to customers’ homes as part of its HarGharDna programme. After the sample has been examined in the company’s cutting-edge laboratory, the customers are given results that are simple to comprehend and offer insights into 40 different aspects of their skin and hair health, such as sun photoactivity, skin ageing, moisture, elasticity, and acne. In addition, consumers receive tailored skincare and hair care product suggestions through a free genetic counselling session.

In order to identify the ideal strategy for your skin, it also offers you advice for personalised skincare components and dietary needs.

The test is currently offered in India for a reasonable price of Rs. 6999. It may be bought via e-commerce websites or the company’s website. The fact that BeautyMap is a once-in-a-lifetime exam is its finest feature.

Advantages Of A DNA Test For Customised Skin And Hair Care

You learn more about the requirements for your skin and hair.

  • It enables you to develop a proactive skincare routine to keep your skin looking young and healthy for a longer period of time.
  • Based on your genetic makeup and dietary habits, it assists in reducing nutritional and skincare needs.
  • It offers tailored suggestions to assist in choosing the strategy that is most appropriate for your skin and hair.

The business advises taking this examination:

  • if you find that your existing skincare routine is not effective. You may pick the items that are best for your skin with this test.
  • if you wish to put off skin ageing symptoms.
  • if you experience skin conditions.
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