Smirly Pest Control Electric Fly Swatter: Effective Indoor and Outdoor Insect Relief


  • Smirly Pest Control Electric Fly Swatter
  • Built-In Electric Mosquito Zapper Lamp
  • Effective Indoor and Outdoor Insect Relief
  • Heavy-Duty Handheld Racket Design
  • Cordless Device for Maximum Efficiency
  • Versatile Use for Home and Garden
  • Safe and Dependable Pest Control Solution
  • Purple Light Beads for Mosquito Attraction
  • Quick and Efficient Bug Elimination
  • Comfort-Grip Handle for Easy Use

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Discover the Smirly Pest Control Electric Fly Swatter, an engineered solution designed to easily catch and eliminate a variety of flying insects for safe and dependable indoor and outdoor relief. This cordless device is perfect for use in the home, kitchen, bathroom, garbage area, barn, deck, patio, or garden.

Key Features:

1. Electric Mosquito Zapper Lamp: The built-in mosquito zapper lamp is a game-changer. Simply put it on the base, turn it on, and watch mosquitoes fly towards it, meeting their demise. The purple light beads release a 395mm wavelength tailored to mosquito habits, effectively zapping them with the diamond inner net.

2. Heavy-Duty Handheld Racket: This cordless device features an extra-large surface area and a comfort-grip handle for maximum efficiency. Simply swing it in the direction of bugs, and watch them bite the dust. Ideal for house flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and more.

3. Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you’re dealing with indoor pests in your home or facing outdoor challenges in your garden or patio, the Smirly Electric Fly Swatter is versatile and effective in providing relief from flying insects.

4. Safe and Dependable Relief: Engineered to work, this electric fly swatter offers safe and dependable relief from various flying insects. Say goodbye to annoying pests in a quick and efficient manner.

Upgrade your pest control with the Smirly Electric Fly Swatter – the perfect solution for a bug-free living space indoors and outdoors.

Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm


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