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Review Of Bali Zoo: Prices, Services, and Photographs

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A zoo is a zoo, and once you’ve been to one, you might assume you’ve been to them all. However, the Bali Zoo is unique and possibly different from all the others you’ve been to.

The Bali Zoo is fantastic because it features a number of species that are indigenous to Bali, Java, and the rest of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, making it very relevant for anybody visiting this region of the world.

We visited Bali Zoo numerous times ourselves and found it to be a really wonderful zoo in and of itself, so we decided to write this Bali Zoo Review.

Even their entertaining events, like the “breakfast with orangutans” package, where you may briefly interact with the animals seem to be well-managed and responsibly conducted.

Review of the Bali Zoo: What to Expect

Even after several visits, we still haven’t seen everything at the Bali Zoo.

Although it isn’t particularly large, there is still a lot to see, including many monkey species, tigers, sun bears, and birds.

The zoo will also be growing as of 2023, including a new African savanna section featuring lions, meerkats, hyenas, and zebras. Additionally, giraffes and rhinos are being added.

Animal Sightings & Additional Activities

There are several opportunities for “animal encounters” at the Bali Zoo. The elephants, orangutans, gibbons, lemurs, deer, goats, rabbits, and wallabies fall within this category.

This often implies that the animals have a sizable enclosure that you may observe from a distance as a visitor while they go about their daily lives. It has some similarities to the top zoos in Europe and popular Dublin attractions like the national zoo, which is home to over 400 different animal species.

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