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Stretch Marks: 4 Medical Solutions That Work For Clear Skin

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How can stretch marks be permanently removed? Dermatologist Monica Chahar explains.

Stretch marks are a common skin issue; can they be permanently removed by laser? They develop when the skin expands quickly, rupturing the connective tissues beneath, leaving behind lines or streaks on the skin that lower one’s confidence.

Combination Therapy

Combination therapy is a well-liked method for treating stretch marks that combines many medical procedures for the best outcomes. For instance, combining laser therapy with growth factor therapy can assist to enhance the skin’s elasticity, colour, and texture, which greatly lessens the appearance of stretch marks. For individuals with severe or persistent stretch marks, combination therapy is frequently advised since it might result in more thorough and durable improvements.

Growth Factor Therapy

 Growth factor therapy is still another first-rate method for getting rid of stretch marks. The novel method employs a fluid high in growth factors, proteins that support cell development and repair. Growth factor therapy aids in promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, which can enhance the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. The fact that this procedure is absolutely non-invasive and causes little downtime is its strongest feature.

Laser Therapy

It includes penetrating the skin with a laser, which enhances the flexibility and texture of the skin. Stretch mark laser therapy is non-invasive and normally takes under an hour to complete. Topical anaesthetic can be used to treat minor pain. To get the best outcomes, patients sometimes need more than one session.

Dermaroller Therapy

Using a dermaroller is an excellent alternative to get rid of stretch marks. It entails utilising a portable tool with tiny needles on a roller. The damaged region is rolled over by the derma roller, which punctures the skin just a little bit. Elastin fibres are stimulated, and this helps to lessen stretch marks. The use of a dermaroller is also non-invasive.

Simply Put

Stretch mark medical treatment may be a useful strategy for reducing their visual impact. Popular medical treatments for stretch marks include laser, derma roller, growth factor, and combination therapies. Nevertheless, each therapy has advantages and possible drawbacks; when needed, see a certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. However, with the right medical care, you may enhance the texture, elasticity, and general look of your skin.

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