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1. Paris, France

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Paris will be the ideal destination for you if romance is what you’re seeking. The beautiful capital of France is brimming with charm and little-known facts. Yes, you may visit the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and other tourist destinations while enjoying the traditional view from the top of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. The city, though, has a lot more to offer, particularly for a couple.

Walk the cobblestoned alleyways of the Latin Quarter and Montmartre, take a boat ride, or relax in one of the city parks if you want to experience the ambiance of Paris. Numerous historical or cultural sites may be found there, where you can even write your own history. Also remember to savour world-famous French food and regional wine at one of the little bistros with a Seine view.

The best month to visit Paris is May since that is when the chestnut trees are in bloom.

2. Venice, Italy

Despite being heavily promoted and crowded with tourists, Venice is still among the greatest locations for a wedding vacation. Evidently, the city is dotted with famous sites, and its distinctive architectural style is extensive. But for a really one-of-a-kind experience, skip the rushed, pre-planned entertainment and head to less visited locales instead of the magnificent, busy Piazza San Marco, the ostentatious Doges’ Palace, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Rialto Bridge, and other well-known tourist attractions.

Venice’s intricate network of canals and mediaeval passageways is what makes it so unique. For a couple, getting lost in the labyrinth of its constricting corridors may be an exciting mini-adventure. The cherry on top will be a gondola trip in the evening.

The Queen of the Adriatic is stunning all year round, but summertime crowds may make it uninviting.

3. Santorini, Greece

One of the alleged residences of the ancient Atlantean civilisation is the little volcanic island of Santorini. The impressive vistas of whitewashed houses are now well recognised.

Newlyweds may get all they need for a great trip to Santorini. Despite being small, the island offers a lot to discover. There, you may explore beaches with vibrant (red and black) sand, some prehistoric sites, and breathtaking caldera and smaller island views. Don’t overlook sunsets either; they are quite magnificent.

From late June to early September is Santorini’s high season, however it could be too hot to go sightseeing.

4. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

The author of “Tales of the South Pacific,” James Michener, has called Bora Bora “the most beautiful island in the world.” This Polynesian island is the ideal setting for a couple.

You may go snorkelling in the coral-reef lagoons of Bora Bora, which are teeming with fish of all shapes and colours. Additionally, the island’s centre is home to majestic mountains and lovely rainforests. Despite the island’s modest size, it is home to a number of opulent resorts. It makes sense why World Report has named “The Pearl of the Pacific” as one of the top islands in the world. Although Bora-Bora has mild weather all year round, the ideal months to visit are April and November.

5. Peru, Republic of Peru

Combining a romantic getaway with some historical knowledge is a wonderful strategy. Some of the most famous landmarks in the world may be found in Peru. Peru has a wide variety of tourism attractions thanks to its western coast, eastern sierra (the highlands), and western coast.

Your honeymoon journey will be remarkable if you visit the magnificent Machu Picchu Citadel, for instance. It is one of the most amazing sights in South America and the symbol of the Inca civilisation. Another well-liked tourist destination is Cusco, which serves as a rest stop on route to Machu Picchu. May is the best month to visit Machu Picchu since it is just after the rainy season and before the throngs of tourists.

6. Savannah, GA, USA

Consider Savannah if you want to relax from the demanding wedding planning. This charming American town, which is renowned for its friendliness, is ideal for a romantic getaway. It is elegant, tranquil, and leisurely.

You may stroll around Savannah’s historic district, which is full with parks and interesting landmarks. Don’t forget to sample the world-famous southern food offered at nearby eateries. The Savannah Riverfront and Tybee Island, sometimes referred to as “Savannah Beach,” are two other well-liked local attractions. When azaleas bloom in the old city areas from March through July, it is the greatest time to visit Savannah.

7. Kyoto, Japan

You’ll like Kyoto, Japan, if you’re hoping for anything other than the conventional beach-focused honeymoon trip. It has a distinct vibe that contrasts sharply with Tokyo. There, you may lose yourself in traditional Japanese culture. It might be a significant cultural shock.

Visitors may find hundreds of attractions in the former capital of Japan, including shrines, temples, museums, historical sites, and lovely traditional gardens. The city was just named a World Heritage Site. While the city is attractive all year round, April, when the cherry trees are in full bloom, is particularly lovely.

8. Montana, MO, USA

A typical honeymoon involves a romantic retreat to a resort or a well-known city. However, Montana is a terrific location for newlyweds looking for an exciting holiday away from society. It seems like a surprising decision. And yet, the natural world is still untamed and gorgeous, with breath-taking vistas at every turn.

Any outdoor activity is available there, including horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and rafting. Alternately, go to Yellowstone National Park, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Summer is the ideal time to visit Montana, but any time of year may be unpredictable.

9. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

An amazing experience may be had in an unusual location like Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. For couples looking for an exciting and vigorous kind of entertainment, it may be the solution. The park is renowned for having amazing fauna. The largest and most diverse collection of terrestrial animals is now protected there.

The park also offers a number of excellent, cosy motels and campgrounds. Additionally, as Serengeti receives funding from tourism, visitors will aid in the park’s conservation efforts. The greatest time to travel is between two rainy seasons, from June to October.

10. Iceland

Iceland is another option for a far-off honeymoon retreat. Unbelievable vistas abound there.

You may see waterfalls, geysers, and lava formations that resemble lunar landscapes in a matter of days. Visit Blue Lagoon, a resort with natural geothermal spas, after that. Get some urban fun in Reykjavik later.

Although Iceland’s weather is infamously erratic, summer is said to be the ideal season to visit. Going a little later is advised if you want to view the Aurora Borealis, since they start to appear around the middle of September.

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