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The Right Care May Make All The Difference When It Comes To Winter Care For Dry, Flaky Skin.

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The appropriate sort of winter care is the key to healthy skin that doesn’t flake. Shahnaz Husain, a beauty legend, offers some advice.

Moisture from the skin is lost to the environment. Winter makes this more apparent. Dry skin dries out more and needs to have its moisture replaced. Lack of moisture on the skin over time can cause lines, wrinkles, peeling, and redness. In order to avoid skin flaking and other issues during the winter, it is important to modify the regular skin-care regimen.

Avoid soap if the skin is really dry.

  • Use a cleaning cream or gel with aloe vera in it. Aloe Vera works well as both an antioxidant and a moisturizer.
  • Switch to a heavy moisturizing cream from lotion.
  • Before going outside in the sun, use sunscreen with a high SPF of at least 40.
  • Use a moisturizer under makeup and keep the skin hydrated at all times.
  • Cotton wool that has been moistened should be used to remove creams.

The significance of moisturizer

It is crucial to understand that the skin takes in moisture as an emulsion of water and oil. Oil or water cannot be absorbed by it on its own. Applying moisturizers everyday to replace lost moisture and maintain the skin supple and moist is the only approach to solve this issue. In order for the skin to obtain emollients and be able to retain moisture, dry skin types also require regular nutrition through the use of rich creams. Additionally, the skin has to be protected from further moisture loss. Utilizing moisturizers and sunscreens will help you achieve this.

Give thick cream to dry skin to hydrate it.

To avoid flaking and rough spots, dry skin also needs regular nutrition through the application of rich creams. A crucial component of caring for dry skin is nourishing. So apply a nourishing/night cream every night after cleaning your skin. A nutritious cream with components like wheatgerm oil, carrot seed, almond, etc. is a good choice because they are high in vitamins A and E.

Don’t forget to clean.

This has major significance. Do this each evening. Never, never, ever ignore this.

  • Cleanse the skin first. The night cream should then be softly applied over the face.
  • Apply the cream to the skin by massaging it in with a little water.
  • Use sweeping, slightly upward, circular movements.
  • Do not strain or pull the skin.
  • After massaging for 3 to 4 minutes, wipe away all of the cream with wet cotton wool.
  • Never rub the area around the eyes.
  • The evening regimen is crucial since the skin has to be cleansed of any impurities and makeup. The skin needs to be cleansed and nurtured. The body can effectively complete all of its repair and restorative processes while we sleep.

Give your eye area some TLC.

  • Early wrinkles and creases might appear around the eyes. This region has very sensitive and thin skin.
  • Apply an outer-eye lotion to the area around the eyes after a brief massage.
  • After ten minutes, use wet cotton wool to wipe it away.
  • Avoid sleeping with lotion on your eyes since it might cause puffiness.

You should also take care of the area surrounding your lips.

Lip skin is also incredibly delicate and devoid of sebaceous glands, which produce oil. It can quickly get dry and chapped because of this. Every night, take off lipstick from the lips with a washing gel. Some lipsticks actually cause skin to become drier. Apply pure almond oil to the lips after cleaning and let it on all night. The skin would get softer as a result. In reality, lip balms help mend the skin on the lips and maintain them nice and smooth while avoiding chapped lips. One can use cream of milk as a DIY treatment. Daily maintenance is crucial.

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