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10 – Lainio Snow Village Ice Bar, Yllasjarvi, Finland

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Would you desire to stay youthful forever? Eat at 28 degrees Fahrenheit to keep yourself healthy. One of the most unique holiday destinations in Lapland has an Ice Bar that is entirely constructed out of snow and ice. The only item on the table is water that has been crystallised. It is only possible to visit this location during the winter, and each year in late November, it is totally created from scratch using new snow. Just remember to wear warm clothing! If you think this restaurant is excessive, you must see the winner of this year’s competition!

9 – Jardin de Asia, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

This wonderful fusion restaurant is housed in the opulent Los Tajibos hotel in the centre of Santa Cruz. As the name implies, this is an Asian website that offers the greatest cuisine from the Orient. A sushi bar, an Indonesian café, teppanyaki tables, a Chinese orchard, a Zen tea ceremony garden and a modern culinary fusion section make up the six zones that make up Jardin de Asia. An sophisticated and captivating environment for a leisurely supper is presented when combined with the unique backdrop of the Bolivian space.

8 – Sirocco, Bangkok, Thailand

Sirocco is the tallest open-air restaurant and is situated on the 64th level of the State Tower structure. This location can fulfil all of your needs, whether you want a cosy romantic meal, an impressive business conference, a special family celebration, or a lively get-together with friends. The patio of Sirocco provides a stunning 270-degree view of the city. Making appointments in advance is advised because the restaurant has already gained international acclaim.

7 – Mahika Mano, Tokyo, Japan

Some things, like a hammock and a Pina Colada, simply naturally go together. The Mahika Mano restaurant offers hammocks with every food or drink you want while pushing the boundaries of tropical beverages. The menu has a focus on nutritional meals and provides nutrient information for each meal. If you get particularly fond of a specific hammock, you may purchase it at the location, which also acts as a showroom for the producer.

6 – Ali Barbour’s, Ukunda, Kenya

This unusual Kenyan eatery is located close to Diani Beach in a natural cave. With the exception of the level floor, tables, and, of course, lights, its interior is essentially identical to how it was created by nature. There is a lot of fresh seafood on the menu, which has a strong Mediterranean flavour. The restaurant opens in the evening and seems at its most beautiful at night. The lights create a fairy-tale atmosphere by blending in with the cave’s natural wall openings. Wait till you see the following restaurant if you believe it to be the most romantic setting.

5 – Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

This is a lovely and enchanted location for a meal. It is located in a limestone cave carved into a cliff on the Adriatic Sea beach, which gives the area a secure, safe sense. You may enjoy delectable seafood dishes while taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean, listening to the gentle sway of the waves, inhaling in the crisp, salty sea air, and feeling the touch of the southern wind on your skin. It’s a feast for the senses.

4 – Owl Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Animals are not allowed inside many apartments in Tokyo, so the locals have to find alternative methods to enjoy their companionship. The owl, a majestic, sage, and interesting bird, is the newest fashion. A group of owl cafés provides a rare opportunity to interact closely with them. There are tight rules for handling the birds when inside because owls are not accustomed to living with so many people close by. And our next finalist will be ideal for kids if you’re seeking for a spot to take them.

3 – Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

returning to the future! You should eat at this restaurant if you enjoy high-tech and futuristic concepts. Hajime invites you to be served by robot waiters rather than the human waiters that we are all accustomed to. It circles, takes your order, delivers it, and says “bon appetite.” It dances and amuses the crowd if there are no orders waiting in queue. a wonderful vacation destination to bring kids.

2 – The Rock, Zanzibar, Tanzania

One of the most unusual and romantic locations, located a few ways from Michamvi Pingue beach on a rock that the Indian Ocean’s waters have washed. The major portion of the restaurant is located on the terrace on the other side of the rock, although from the beach it appears to be merely a typical colonial home or an angler’s lodge. The fundamental draw of this location in our contemporary metropolitan environment is the total lack of any synthetic materials; all that is present is clay, sand, wood, and thatch.

1 – The 3842, Chamonix, France

At last… Our victor! Do you want to have lunch at a height of 12,605 feet? By the way, the name of the restaurant, which is also the highest restaurant site in the world, is the location’s altitude in metres. The nearest location to Mount Blanc that can be reached without using special tools or physical abilities is here. However, in order to reach there, one must first go 138 feet in a lift before taking two cable cars in quick succession from Chamonix town.

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