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Travel Guide to Kefalonia, Greece: Activities on the Island

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Kefalonia, also known as Cephalonia in Greek, is an incredibly beautiful island that is still relatively undeveloped compared to other Greek islands like Zakynthos or Santorini.

It is possible to go to Kefalonia in one day from Zakynthos and see some of the island’s major attractions, but in my view it is preferable to stay on the island for at least a few days and take your time exploring.

The Melissani lake and cave are the most well-known attractions on the island of Kefalonia, although there are many more excellent beaches with beautiful white sand and clear blue sea.

This travel blog will outline some of the top activities in Kefalonia, Greece, as well as the best accommodations, modes of transportation, and tour bundles. A helpful Kefalonia island map is also included for organizing your vacation!

Kefalonia Island: Where Is It?

West of mainland Greece, in the Ionian Sea, is the island of Kefalonia, which is sometimes written Cephalonia.

Greece has seven Ionian Islands in total, and Kefalonia is just around 260 kilometers (160 miles) away from Athens in a straight line.

How to Travel to Greece’s Kefalonia

A aircraft or boat may take you to the island of Kefalonia.

The simplest, quickest, and most costly (but recommended) method of traveling to Kefalonia is by plane. Daily nonstop flights from Athens and a few other international destinations, including Amsterdam, London, and Munich, arrive at Kefalonia’s airport (EFL).

One-way tickets with Aegean/Olympic Air or Sky Express to Kefalonia cost between 50 and 100 Euros and take an hour to go there from Athens.

If you have a choice, Aegean (or its subsidiary Olympic Air) is preferable than Sky Express; nonetheless, any of them will do. Usually, the cost of the tickets includes free checked luggage.

How to Get Around Kefalonia Using Transportation

Driving from one side of Kefalonia to the other might take hours because the island is rather large (it is almost twice as big as Zakynthos). You will require transportation if you intend to properly represent the island.

There is no Uber in the area for short distance travel, but you may take a cab. We had a terrific experience with Welcome Pickups for our airport transfers in Greece. They will transport you to and from the airport in well-kept vehicles with responsible drivers.

Renting a car is the primary mode of transportation on the island of Kefalonia. On the island, there are a lot of firms that hire cars, however we suggest DiscoverCars!

Even while some of Cephalonia’s most isolated roads are still made of gravel and occasionally have potholes, even those are rapidly getting better as the island becomes more reachable and well-liked by tourists.

Driving through Argostoli town, where there is greater traffic and the lanes are narrow with many cars parked on both sides, is the biggest challenge. In the city, go gently and pay attention. The majority of the time, the highways are easy sailing as you leave the city.

Like Americans and Canadians, Greeks drive on the right side of the road. The locals enjoy driving quickly, regularly exceeding posted speed limits, and frequently over double yellow lines. Simply be mindful of this and move aside to allow them to pass.

Lake Melissani Cave

In Kefalonia, Melissani is a magnificent subterranean lake and cave with an exposed roof that illuminates its dazzling blue water.

One of the nicest things to do in Kefalonia is to visit this cave and take a quick paddleboat excursion around the lake. When the sun is exactly perfect, the roof of Melissani Cave lets in just enough light to for the water color to go berserk and transform into a clear vivid blue.

Although the boat trip is a little brief and the lake truly depends on the correct illumination to appear its best, I’d nearly say this is something that every person who travels the world ought to experience.

Beach Antisamos

A stunning beach with calm waves and pure water, Antisamos is encircled on all sides by lush hills. This beach’s water is very pure and excellent for swimming.

It was once a peaceful, secret beach, but these days it’s rather commercial and crowded. The port town of Sami provides convenient access through a paved road, and the beach features restaurants with several umbrellas, restrooms, and parking.

Due to its close vicinity to Sami, it is simple to combine a trip to this beach with stops at Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave.

It’s a fantastic beach all around for swimming and resting with the family!

Myrtle Beach

One of Kefalonia’s most breathtaking spots is Myrtos, which features a snow-white pebble beach bordered by sheer cliffs on both sides and a viewpoint from which to observe the beach.

Before heading down to the beach, be sure to pause at the roadside viewpoint (which is situated here). You don’t have to pay for admission or go on a hike to enjoy some of Kefalonia’s greatest beauty!

From here, you can see the stunning Kefalonian coastline and the inclining road that leads to the beach. Despite the restricted parking, there is typically room because automobiles arrive and depart frequently.

What to Pack

Here are some tips for what to bring for your vacation to Greece’s Kefalonia.

The majority of the things listed below can certainly be purchased on the island if you really need them, but the quality of what you buy there can’t be guaranteed (I personally wouldn’t use a cheap copycat bag from a street seller to secure my pricey photographic equipment).

Buying approved things online is wonderful!

Essential for protecting your devices on boats is a waterproof bag. My drone, tablet, camera, phone, and a ton of other items fit into the 30 liter bag I carried. Even after I repeatedly submerged the bag in water, everything remained dry.

Waterproof Phone Pouch: Similar to the one mentioned before, but solely for your phone. Great if you only need a little item to safeguard your phone and don’t have any other equipment.

Equipment for snorkeling is useful for exploring the crystal-clear seas in Kefalonia, and occasionally you may even spot turtles. Although you may borrow or rent snorkels and masks from the boat operators as well, it’s preferable to carry your own equipment if you intend to do many excursions.

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