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Why Should Parents Ban Technology Use by Teenagers?        

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Teenagers’ overuse of technology might be harmful to their general health and brain function!

Nowadays, teenagers are exposed to a variety of things at a very young age. The development of technology has given kids unrestricted access to phones, iPads, TVs, and other gadgets. As a result, kids are not forming healthy habits, which is also bad for their growth and development. Parents frequently complain that their children are becoming hooked to numerous vices. The COVID-19 shutdown has made things worse since teenagers have daily access to computers and mobile devices to complete their online coursework.

Technology is undoubtedly useful, but young children shouldn’t have constant access to it. When it comes to technology use, parents should set limits for their children since the repercussions might be dangerous for both their physical and mental health. The brain, mental health, and overall health of 21st-century children are thought to suffer greatly from their daily consumption of more than six hours of screen time. However, parents are well aware of that.

Addictions That Teens Acquire Through Technology

According to Dr. Swati Mittal, Psychiatrist & Wellness Coach at Fortis Noida, teens are susceptible to developing a variety of addictions, so parents should keep an eye out for them and take steps to limit their use of technology.

Phone Addiction:

“Using cellphones often is a type of addiction that may have an effect on a child’s behaviour and psyche. They are exposed to a variety of things on phones that are inappropriate for them to learn. Children cannot be stopped from using phones these days, but parents can absolutely monitor usage and take strict measures to curtail it.

Addiction To Social Media:

“Addiction to social media is a growing factor in youngsters’ declining mental health. Nowadays, the scope and size of social media enthral and overwhelm young people. Once individuals become accustomed to social media, they find it difficult to stop using it, which finally results in addiction. Additionally, young children may experience problems with their body image and self-esteem due to social media addiction. Parents should check to determine whether their child is using social media excessively and whether this is affecting their academic performance.

Addiction To Video Games:

Nowadays, youngsters are more interested in playing video games online than they are in playing outside games, which is one of the main causes of the rise in teen mental health difficulties. Over time, playing these games too much leads to addiction, which can have disastrous effects on a child’s mental and psychological development.

How Can Parents Regulate Technology Use?

Young children shouldn’t be permitted to use technology unless they really need to for school since it can damage their developing brains.

Give teens a voice so they can participate in family choices. Teenage children may be more motivated to carry out their household duties well if they are given some sort of responsibility. A sense of duty brought on by authority may serve to reduce technology use.

Do not portray technology as being hip. Teenagers frequently believe that having plenty of expensive, sophisticated equipment is cool and confers a high social standing. Don’t allow kids to think like this, parents.

Keep in mind that using technology is not a binary choice. Every law is flexible. Never be reluctant to modify a rule if it doesn’t exactly apply. Each family must discover the recipe that works best for them.

Don’t just restrict media use. Find something to do in its place. And use your imagination. Instead, he and his family attend professional storytelling events as well as local cabarets for entertainment during family gatherings.

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